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1.Natalus stramineus= Mexican funnel-eared bat
2.Ardops nichollsi=Tree bat
3.Molossus molossus= velvety free-tailed bat
4.Tadarida brasiliensis= Mexican Free-tailed 

Fruit eating bats:
5.Brachyphylla cavernarum= Antillean fruit-eating bat eats nectar fruit and small insects,
6.Artibeus jamaicensis,
7.Monophyllus plethodon= Lesser Antillean long-tongued bat eats nectar, fruit & insects

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06--2018 Sea & Learn José Vargas discusses his work with controlling invasive rat populations in Puerto Rico, and conducts a field project to track rats on Saba


06 Bats of Saba, article for sale on-line


06-2014 Sea & Learn, Migration of whales, presentation Kaitlyn Mullen


2016-symposium about Saba-Bank, corals, fish, dolphins, wales etc



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