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"History of Saba", Dr J. Hartog, edition 1988
pdf-document of 44,8 MB

"The Monuments of Saba", Dr. Ir. Frans H. Brugman, 1994
pdf-document of 55,5 MB

2016 Sea & Learn: Traditional Saba Hoo-bush baskets are brought back to life with the help of basket weavers presented by JoAnn Castos and Felis Frederic and the Saba community.


Unique Graveyards on Saba in private gardens near the cottages.
The technique of stone cist graves, although in early times quite common in Western Europe, is likely to have been introduced on Saba by Scottish people and/or people from the North of England.
The habit of making family graves near the house may have it’s origin from the Amerindians.


More about Caribbean in general:

"The Dutch West India Company,
Part 1: Dutch West Indies
Part 2: Pirates & Slaves (Surinam & Caribbean)
Part 3: Colonization & Independence of Surinam & Caribbean

"History of the Caribbean Documentary (From American point of view)
Part 1 ,Part 2, Part 3
(each part between 12 and 15 minutes),
By the way: Arawaks were not one people or one tribe. It was a language group. Also the name Caribs is an European invention.
The history of sugar plantations in the Caribbean is also not complete.
See for that history another video “The Sugar connection”


THE SUGAR CONNECTION. Interesting view on the impact of the Dutch and the accompanying Portuguese jewish who had to flee from Portugal


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